Project Planning and Management

Our competent and experienced project managers will ensure the successful implementation of your project and keep you informed on the progress. We communicate across the broad range of skills, management levels and across your entire company structure, top to bottom.

Trygar understands the digital age and the need for correct communication medium. Your investors, project financers, directors require high level reporting on specific data and finance, where as your productive staff require specifics
and detailed information on the tasks at hand. Managers will be looking/planning ahead for the next steps in the process. Trygar supply’s the tools to take your project through to success, cost effectively and efficiently.

All activities are performed by our highly qualified and experienced in-house staff. We rely upon our workforce and strive for business excellence. Throughout the entire project, the project manager is in close contact with you, and coordinates all the members of the project team from your in-house staff, Trygar team of engineers and sub-contract staff.

The project manager has the overall responsibility for the project budget, schedule and project quality. Every stage of each Trygar project is governed by a quality assurance system that is accredited in accordance with ISO 9001.

Procurement is undertaken in accordance with well-defined procedures, from approved suppliers.

Standard procedures, protocols and test documentation are used from the initial design through to the final performance qualification.