Containerised Process Equipment

Trygar’s containerized solutions require very little site work and building for the process plant compared to conventional on-site building methods, further more the containers can be shipped to alternative sites when there is a variation in your production, or safely stored.

We can design the process to your requirement, build your existing design efficiently and cost effectively in our workshops, perform factory acceptance tests and ship the complete plant, ready to run.

Trygar offers site installation services, on site commissioning and plant maintenance for your piece of mind. The container plants are ideally suited to small scale, start up plants and plants with seasonal production fluctuations where future productions levels are unknown. The purchase of container plants keeps costs down, allows production and therefore entry into your target market and allows future flexibility.

Containerised solutions can be sold on if no longer required, as a fully functional plant, keeping the depreciation of your capital equipment low. A full solution holds a greater value than individual instruments and equipment.

When you compare the alternative of building a permanent plant, the container plant concept will of course save you a significant amount of capital expenditure, and give you more flexibility in future production.

Containerised systems include the installation and fabrication of:

  • Steel structure (carbon, stainless, aluminum)
  • Storage tanks and pressure vessels
  • Piping and valves
  • Manifold systems for water, gas and steam
  • Pumping and filtration
  • Instrumentation
  • Dosing systems using replaceable/removable IBC’s
  • Cabling and electrical control boxes
  • Insulation
  • Food processing equipment
  • CHP (combined heat and power) and associated distribution equipment
  • Biomass boilers and associated distribution equipment
  • Heating and cooling distribution systems
  • Cold storage
  • Solar battery systems

Advantages containerised turnkey systems are:

  • Short lead-time/delivery time
  • Lower investment costs
  • Lower capital depreciation
  • Higher re-sale value
  • Reduced on-site erection and connection time with minimal site disruption
  • Manufacturing under fast, clean, reliable workshop conditions
  • Factory acceptance testing prior to shipping
  • Trygar’s experience, expertise and aftersales support