Quality Assurance

At Trygar we have always strived for quality which has helped us as a business secure repeat business, as well as generating positive word of mouth advertising to generate new customers.

On a more formal footing, we operate a fully documented ISO approved Quality Assurance System assessed and endorsed by the British Assessment Bureau – Certificate Number 207314.

A copy of our certificate can be obtained HERE if required.

We recognise that Quality may be perceived as a cost that a lot of companies could do without, here at Trygar we have a culture that ensures all staff realise that Quality is actually a benefit and if used correctly will result in cost savings…which ultimately benefits all of our stakeholders. The management appreciates the need to instill a Quality Assurance programme throughout the company which is strictly followed and subject to periodic audits, whilst our shop floor personnel are fully aware of their role in the Quality paradigm we exercise by ensuring Quality Control as per specification in all of their works.

To supplement Quality Control, we often utilise a third party inspection agency to ensure that we adhere strictly to the requirements set out striving to get it right first time, assisting our client with schedule and of course assisting ourselves with costs.